Life should be simpler and so should the way you create income from your real estate business. REALTY EDGE proudly lives up to its name by giving clients and agents alike a true EDGE!


REALTY EDGE provides knowledgeable and independent Real Estate Agents a unique opportunity to manage, control, grow and truly own a well-earned Book of Business.


REALTY EDGE is a real advantage for Sellers and Buyers as well. By taking on responsibility, REALTY EDGE Agents provide higher quality service, while keeping more in commission dollars. With the carefully designed Transaction Fee Schedule, agents are able to make 50%,75% even 90% more on the same sales volume written at their previous company! Agents benefit financially since REALTY EDGE shares the profit up front!!

Your traditional broker will tell you that you can't "afford" to join REALTY EDGE. Call us and learn the TRUTH... that you can't afford NOT to join REALTY EDGE!


REALTY EDGE... right here, right now and right for your future!



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